3-Step Help

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Downloading and Unzipping the Three 3-Step Folders...

The 3-Steps resource arrives in three ZIP folders - you’ll need to extract (uncompress) them. Here's how: Once downloaded, double click a folder to open it. Your computer will tell you to extract (or a similar word), so click whatever button your screen shows. That creates a regular folder (same name) that contains all the files of the Step. You’re good to go!

Once the process is complete, you can delete the zipped folders and contents.

Tip: We like to download things to our desktop. After the above process we then move the files to wherever we prefer on our hard drive.

Installing the Windows Watchables Computer Games...

The whole process from start to ready to play is usually less than 30 seconds. Here's how to get there...

Watchables come in two of the download folders: Step 2 (Kids Party) and Step 3 (CLAMbake Sunday School). You can install and use these on any computer running Windows software. 

A Problem that's not a problem: The Watchables games are .EXE files. For security reasons, your Windows computer will likely post a warning when you go to install any of the games. 

The first screen shot below shows the Windows warning screen. Click the "More info" text to bring up the "Run anyway" button. 

Give YES a click:

There will be just a few more screens to go. Here are two we want to mention.

By default the software we use will have the Start Menu Shortcuts (shown in blue below) checked. We recommend you uncheck that but do check Desktop Shortcut as we’ve done here. This will put the game's start icon on your desktop screen where it can be easily found by the class teacher. Do this for all Watchables you choose to install.

And finally...

After one or two other screens you’ll arrive at the Finish window (above). There will now be a game start icon on your desktop. You can delete the installation icon, but we recommend that you save it somewhere on your hard drive to use if you want to install to another computer.

IMPORTANT! There is a bug in the game making software we use—not the Watchables, but the software we have no control over. If you check the box above (here called Start Clock Watchables), the game is supposed to start full screen as intended. It usually will, but not always. If you uncheck the box and simply use the game icon on your desktop, it ALWAYS works properly.

To Install on a Second Computer...

Just remember that each Watchable must be installed as above - copying the game's regular start icon to another computer doesn't transfer the actual game. Copying the install icon is the right way to go.

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