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Is the Bible all Greek to you? That's the way it is for kids on their first day of Sunday School or their first time in your youth group Bible study! This object lesson, based on a difficult to understand medical research report, is a good way to encourage kids to show up every week so that they can learn to understand and love the Bible.

Don't forget the free downloadable lesson plan with fun Bible activity page.

Good for kids Upper Elementary through High School.

In case I didn't make it clear in the video, the object lesson is actually very simple. As explained in the lesson plan, read the obtuse medical article to your kids, along with the story of the Ethiopian official in Acts 8:26-40 (who had a hard time understanding the Scriptures), then tell your kids how much you enjoy seeing them learn what the Bible is all about. Encourage them to attend your class or youth group every week as much as they can.

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00:00 Is the Bible all Greek to you?00:28 A story about worms

01:37 An object lesson based on medical science

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