Bible Adventures for the Family!

Thirty Bible stories with fun activity pages appropriate for families with children young and old. Over one hundred pages of Bible adventures for the family: parents and kids will enjoy gathering around the table to read classic Bible stories and play the games together. We call this book Bible Time Adventures and it's for sale on Amazon. The reviews are great (see examples below)--4.7 stars upon release!

Bible Adventures for the Family

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The book features thirty lesson plans for Mom and Dad. Each Bible story features talking points and any needed instructions for the activity pages. Activities include art, fun challenges, and games for one or two players. 

All told, the one-page lesson plans and all the activities come to more than 100 pages of fun and learning for the whole family.

The book works for all kids, of course, but we are especially proud that the fonts used are designed for readers with dyslexia.

Bible Time Adventures sample pages...

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Amazon Reviews...

  • An Answer to Our Prayers: An Amazing Book! We have been using this book for family devotions. Each child and a parent has a book. The adventures are concise and engaging. It makes the Bible come alive. The activities are educational, innovative and fun. Each adventure is concise but the important points are highlighted in memorable ways. Cool characters are also used that maintain our attention. Overall the book is well written, thoughtfully and powerfully organized. It will truly help us all to grow in faith and character, as stated, while we become closer to God.  We all truly love this book and are hoping that there will be a series with future books and additional Bible Adventures.
  • I'm really excited for this. I just looked through it for my son and I think it will really help him engage with the bible story he is reading and I love that the games and puzzles are more then just busy work, they are fun and engaging challenging him to spell and play with words, reading comprehension, decoding and more. I'm really excited for him to dive into this one. To dive into God word in a exciting engaging way.
  • Great Bible study workbook. This is a great product to use right now when it's not safe to go to church because of all the sickness going on in the world. So we use this with our 10 and 14 year old every Sunday morning. Great for new believers or long time believers. The graphics are absolutely adorable my boys really love them. Lots of great activities. We are really enjoying this.
  • There are well thought out Bible truths, activities, talking points, and games. It is meant to be interactive and fun, and it is just that. My 9 year old loved the choices of stories from Scripture and the variety of puzzles and games inside. Instead of writing a bunch, this book encourages kids and families to interact with the Bible and their families face to face in conversation and fun.
  • This is such a cool book! All the children's devotionals I have only have reading and prayer involved, which is great, but having one with games too is such a great idea. I looked through the whole book and I can't wait to start using it, the games even look fun for adults! Bet my kids will love this. :)
  • My kids love it! Just what I was looking for! I'm using this with my kids ages 13, 6 and 2 yrs old. I'm excited to have puzzles and games to go along with the stories. I plan on photocopying the pictures for my 2 yr old twins to color while I read. Thank you for creating this!!!
  • Puzzles, Games, and Wisdom all at once! :) This is a neat Bible Time Puzzle and Game book. Full of great cartoons and so much fun! This isn’t a traditional boring copy book. It’s hands on for your kid that likes to be interactive and teaches wisdom at the same time!