Christ's Love and Majesty Monthly

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Based on bout 80 classic Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation

Find encouragement, inspiration and insights to keep you charged up.

Another free resource from CLAMcentral Ministries, this time for parents, teachers and ANYONE who wants to jump a little deeper into the truths and wisdom of the Bible. The Bible basis for each article is taken from our CLAMbake Sunday School lessons, making this an additional resource for anyone teaching CLAMbake, yet at the same time CLAM Monthly is completely standalone, not needing CLAMbake at all. The best of both worlds! 

Additionally, it's our goal to use CLAM Monthly as a resource to help develop the skills and success of those who serve God by working with kids. People like Mrs. K and Ryan Anderson:

Hey, I want to say thank you to Mrs. K for for seeing a leader in me and then pushing me into serving in cross cultural ministry and always investing in these young dumb teenagers, ha. And that always meant a ton to me.

TONY, Youth Pastor to High School students

Ryan Anderson was my youth pastor when I was growing up and he was great because he taught me how the Bible related to practical life as a junior higher, what it looks like in the 'day to day.'  Really made it simple for me to understand, so that was a big impact. And just how Christians can have fun, too, and have a really good time. So those are two things that really influenced me in my life.

KYLER, Youth Pastor to Middle School students

So as the months go by, we'll be targeting these things: 

Inspiration, encouragement and wisdom from the great adventure stories in God's Word, plus an ongoing discussion of the characteristics shared by gifted Sunday School teachers, wise ministry leaders and, perhaps best of all, godly parents.

Here are the four topics covered in Issue #1. These set the stage for building an accurate view of what it means when we talk about Christ's Love and Majesty, the CLAM in CLAMcentral:

  • God's BIG Plan - It Includes Us
  • Jesus is God and Creator
  • Sin Enters the World - Adam and Eve
  • The Cure for Sin - Cain and Abel

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