CLAMazine Comics and Activities

Here's a look at the super-useful CLAMazine (short for Christ's Love And Majesty Magazine). It's intended to be handed out in Sunday School, one page per week for five weeks with a grand total of about 20 CLAMazines in all. Each CLAMazine has ongoing cartoon adventures plus fun activities, all on the same topics as our soon to be released CLAMbake Sunday School/Discipleship program. Our free nine-week course The Adventures of Daniel also features a CLAMazine that covers all nine weeks. Best for Upper Elementary ages; Middle Elementary too, with parents' help.

Click image to watch. Runtime: 1:09.

The illustration below shows the front and back of the 11x17-inch page that forms the cover of the first CLAMazine. This cover is handed out to the kids on the first Sunday. The four letter-size inserts shown below are handed out the following four Sundays.

As you can see, there are plenty of cartoon stories and Bible activity pages, every one relating to the topic being taught in class: 

Frequently Asked Questions

(in case someone frequently asks)

  • CLAMazines come with the free Adventures of Daniel course and the upcoming CLAMbake program. They are not available separately at this time.
  • The Adventures of Daniel course has one CLAMazine that covers all nine weeks. The CLAMbake two-year Sunday School/Discipleship versions each span five weeks for a total of two years.
  • The Daniel CLAMazine does not have the cartoon stories; instead, they have twice as many activities.
  • CLAMazines can be given as take-home papers, or they can be used in class. The activities are in addition to the ones in the Sunday School lesson plans--that means you can add a CLAMazine activity to the class hour or replace a lesson activity.
  • Kids eight and up enjoy the CLAMazine!

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