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In the three sections below you'll find detailed overviews of the resources available for your Sunday mornings and family homes. 

CLAMbake Sunday School Curriculum

This is a heads-up about our soon to be released downloadable CLAMbake Sunday School course. We hope to launch the first set of lessons October 15th. 

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Meanwhile, here are the main features...

  • Through the Bible in two years.
  • Four age-levels: Preschool, Early, Middle and Upper Elementary.
  • All age-levels study the same Bible story each week, appropriate to the kids' maturity levels.
  • All lessons, no matter the Bible story, lead kids to a deeper understanding of Jesus.
  • CLAMbake is a combination Sunday School/Discipleship program. Hundreds of CLAMbake graduates have gone on to serve God in wonderful ways.
  • We strongly believe in review: (1) Every fifth lesson is a review of the previous four; (2) For the most part, every activity in a lesson is a different way of teaching the same truth each time; (3) CLAMbake is intended to be repeated every two years as students grow up through the levels.
  • Includes lesson plans, activity pages, CLAMazine take-home pages and Watchables.
  • The developer of each lesson is available via email. Questions and suggestions are welcome.
  • The download links will, as always, be in your copy of the KM:W magazine and also posted here at CLAMcentral. We will roll out lessons as fast as we can.
  • If you'd like to support this ministry financially, CLAMbake is a pay-what-you-like resource: You can choose to download for free or to kick in a bit to help out. Links available starting October 15, 2021.

I started CLAMbake in first grade and attended until I graduated in the fifth grade. This program got me excited to learn about Christ through the interesting Bible stories and games. My mother and I went back to volunteer. Becoming excited about my relationship with the Lord from a young age helped me walk with Him into my middle and high school years. I went on to staff the middle school youth group.


College Student

What's in the Download Folders?

It's our plan to create a single zip folder for every five weeks of lessons. The link to the latest ZIP folder will be emailed to you once every four to five weeks. In each folder you will find:

  • Lesson Plans for four age-levels, five weeks in each downloadable ZIP folder. We suggest you email the lessons to your teachers a couple of weeks in advance.
  • One CLAMazine file containing the pages for all five lessons. One page a week, with a cartoon story and learning activity; use them in-class or as take-home papers.
  • Activity pages (variable amount). Usually about a dozen files per Sunday, split among the four age-levels.
  • Posters. Normally one to three files per Sunday.
  • Print and Prep. One file containing printing and preparation instructions for all five lessons. The Print and Prep pages are super helpful when printing all the rest; be sure to print the Print and Prep first for reference.
  • Watchables. The ZIP folder will contain at least one Watchable to install on your Windows desktop. Hopefully we can include several but Watchables take a lot of hours so we'll see.

This project is a bit of an experiment for us. As we work on the lessons there may be minor changes to the lists above. 

Regarding the Watchables mentioned above (fun and educational computer Bible games that your class plays together as one)--these require a Windows PC or laptop connected to a screen large enough for the class to view. We recognize that not all classrooms have a computer/screen setup. The lessons can stand alone without the Watchables, but for the best experience we highly recommend that you make the investment. PS: Watchables also include Biggie Verse and other posters to save you printing and taping together the printable PDF versions.

Here is a video that shows one of our typical CLAMbake Watchable games:

The CLAMbake lesson format is terrific for both the teachers and young students. I've used it with my 8-10 year-olds for nearly ten years.


Resort Restaurant Owner, Sunday School Teacher

The first 15 lesson topics

NOTE: The lesson topics, shown in bold, will likely stay as you see them. Other items may change a bit.

Title, Theme, Main Passage, Memory Verse:

  1. 1
    God's BIG PLAN. God has wonderful plans for us. Genesis 1:1. Biggie Verse: Jeremiah 29:11
  2. 2
    Creation. Jesus is God. Genesis 1:1. Biggie Verse: John 1:3.
  3. 3
    Adam and Eve. Jesus loves us. Genesis 2 and 3. Biggie Verse: 1 John 3:5 
  4. 4
    Cain and Abel. Jesus is the cure for our sins. Genesis 4:2-12; Matthew 9:1-8. Biggie Verse: Romans 6:23 
  5. 5
    REVIEW of Lessons 1-4.
  6. 6
    Noah. Jesus saves us. Selections from Genesis 6:9—8:17. Biggie Verse: Acts 4:12. 
  7. 7
    The Tower of Babel. Jesus, name above all names. Genesis 11:1-9. Biggie Verse: Philippians 2:10-11.
  8. 8
    Abraham is Called. Jesus chooses us. Genesis 12:1-7. Biggie Verse: John 10:27.
  9. 9
    Abraham and Sarah. Jesus can do anything. Genesis 18:1-15; 21:1-7. Biggie Verse: Jeremiah 32:17. 
  10. 10
    REVIEW of Lessons 6-9.
  11. 11
    Abraham and Isaac. Believing our Lord. Genesis 22:1-18. Biggie Verse: James 2:22.
  12. 12
    Jacob and Esau. We are to forgive others. Selections from Genesis 27,32 and 33. Biggie Verse: Matthew 6:14.
  13. 13
    Joseph the Slave. Jesus sets us free. Genesis 37:1-36. Biggie Verse: Romans 6:17. 
  14. 14
    Joseph the Prince. We are part of God’s Big Plan. Excerpts from Genesis 39—46. Biggie Verse: Mark 16:15. 
  15. 15
    REVIEW of Lessons 11-14.

Stay Informed!

We will update this page as CLAMbake moves forward. However, your subscription to the free KM:W Magazine is emailed directly to you every two weeks with download links and updates on CLAMbake, articles helpful to anyone in kids ministry, and lots of free resources. If you are not yet receiving KM:W, click the button:

The Adventures of Daniel

Click to watch the Daniel introduction video

Is our CLAMbake curriculum a good fit for your situation? Find out with this full featured, full-steam-ahead nine-week course in four age levels from PreK through Upper Elementary. All the bells and whistles are here including our unique Watchables onscreen games. As always, the links to this free download are found in our KIDS MINISTRY: WISDOM Magazine. 

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Title, Theme, Main Passage, Memory Verse:

  1. 1
    Daniel in Babylon. God’s Plans may not be Our Plans. Daniel 1. Biggie Verse: Jeremiah 29:11.
  2. 2
    Nebuchadnezzar's Dream. The Secret of Time and Prayer. Daniel 2. Biggie Verse: Daniel 2:47.
  3. 3
    The Fiery Furnace. The Secret of Faith and Worship. Daniel 3. Biggie Verse: Psalm 86:2. 
  4. 4
    Nebuchadnezzar Goes Nuts. The Secret of Praise and Honor. Daniel 4. Biggie Verse:  Daniel 4:37. 
  5. 5
    REVIEW of Lessons 1-4. Bible passages from Lessons 1-4. Biggie Verse: Deuteronomy 4:9.
  6. 6
    The Writing on the Wall. Admit It: God Rules. Daniel 5. Biggie Verse: Psalm 59:13. 
  7. 7
    Daniel in the Lion Den. The Secret of Servanthood. Daniel 6. Biggie Verse: Daniel 6:26.
  8. 8
    Daniel's Prayer. The Secret of Knowing God. Daniel 9:4-19. Biggie Verse: Daniel 9:18
  9. 9
    REVIEW of Lessons 6-8.

The Adventures of Daniel is top-level curriculum!

You've read that The Adventures of Daniel and our other resources were developed by a guy with over 20 years experience in children's ministry. What you might not know is that before that period Tom was the Managing Editor of the Youth Department at one of the world's largest Sunday School publishers. There, Tom developed curriculum for High School and Junior High that was enjoyed by something like 100,000 kids each week. The Adventures of Daniel and our upcoming CLAMbake curriculum maintain the highest standards of excellence.

Check these quick videos to see if Daniel is a good fit for your ministry

In Home Bible Fun!

Covid lockdowns were the inspiration behind this resource. We call it Bible Time Adventures and it's for sale on Amazon. The reviews are great (see examples below)--4.7 stars! Thirty Bible stories with fun activity pages appropriate for families with children young and old. 

Each Bible story features talking points and any needed instructions for the activity pages. Activities include art, fun challenges, and games for one or two players. A number of these activity pages are the ones we give away for free in our KM:W magazine!

The book works for all kids, of course, but we are especially proud that the fonts used are designed for readers with dyslexia.

Here's the link:

Amazon Reviews...

  • An Answer to Our Prayers: An Amazing Book! We have been using this book for family devotions. Each child and a parent has a book. The adventures are concise and engaging. It makes the Bible come alive. The activities are educational, innovative and fun. Each adventure is concise but the important points are highlighted in memorable ways. Cool characters are also used that maintain our attention. Overall the book is well written, thoughtfully and powerfully organized. It will truly help us all to grow in faith and character, as stated, while we become closer to God.  We all truly love this book and are hoping that there will be a series with future books and additional Bible Adventures.
  • I'm really excited for this. I just looked through it for my son and I think it will really help him engage with the bible story he is reading and I love that the games and puzzles are more then just busy work, they are fun and engaging challenging him to spell and play with words, reading comprehension, decoding and more. I'm really excited for him to dive into this one. To dive into God word in a exciting engaging way.
  • Great Bible study workbook. This is a great product to use right now when it's not safe to go to church because of all the sickness going on in the world. So we use this with our 10 and 14 year old every Sunday morning. Great for new believers or long time believers. The graphics are absolutely adorable my boys really love them. Lots of great activities. We are really enjoying this.
  • There are well thought out Bible truths, activities, talking points, and games. It is meant to be interactive and fun, and it is just that. My 9 year old loved the choices of stories from Scripture and the variety of puzzles and games inside. Instead of writing a bunch, this book encourages kids and families to interact with the Bible and their families face to face in conversation and fun.
  • This is such a cool book! All the children's devotionals I have only have reading and prayer involved, which is great, but having one with games too is such a great idea. I looked through the whole book and I can't wait to start using it, the games even look fun for adults! Bet my kids will love this. :)
  • My kids love it! Just what I was looking for! I'm using this with my kids ages 13, 6 and 2 yrs old. I'm excited to have puzzles and games to go along with the stories. I plan on photocopying the pictures for my 2 yr old twins to color while I read. Thank you for creating this!!!
  • Puzzles, Games, and Wisdom all at once! :) This is a neat Bible Time Puzzle and Game book. Full of great cartoons and so much fun! This isn’t a traditional boring copy book. It’s hands on for your kid that likes to be interactive and teaches wisdom at the same time!

Observant subscribers to our KM:W Magazine will recognize some of these pages as free downloads found in the links in the magazine. The book features thirty lesson plans for Mom and Dad. All told, the one-page lesson plans and all the activities come to more than 100 pages of fun and learning for the whole family.