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The world promises shiny objects! God promises much more, and He keeps His promises.

This object lesson helps you illustrate the choice kids must make: to cling to the world and to the hollow baubles it offers, or to run with Jesus for all eternity. Good for kids in third grade through High School.

Here's the link to the free lesson plan with activity page: 


00:00 We've all been lied to!

00:19 A hibiscus lies.

00:37 A challenge!

01:55 A papaya lies.

03:09 Fool's gold too.

04:12 Even my youth pastor lied.

06:15 Kids need to know that they are targets.

06:46 The Bible doesn't lie.

07:59 A coin and a bill tell the story

08:56 The PDF lesson plan with activity page.

09:25 Happy Trails!


ABOUT THE OBJECT LESSON CHANNEL: Our purpose is simple--use video to describe fun and profound object lessons that add energy and punch to your Bible teaching. Normally, each object lesson includes a free PDF lesson plan with suggested Scriptures, a Bible story plus a fun game page for the same age-level as the object lesson. 

The Object Lesson Channel was launched in December, 2021. 

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