God Looks at the Heart

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We look at the outside, but God looks at our heart. You can find that in 1 Samuel 16:7. When we open the Bible, it shines God's truth about our need for a Savior. This object lesson is quick and simple but has an essential truth that we all must understand: we are sinners that can find salvation in the Lord. 

No downloadable Lesson Plan this time.

A simple and quick object lesson that makes it clear, while we may judge and be impressed by outward appearances, God looks inside, at our heart. And when we open the Bible, we begin to comprehend our true state before God: We are sinners in need of a Savior. So, a simple object lesson but a tremendously important truth.

All you need is a single paper cup, a black marker and a fairly powerful flashlight:

What they represent

How to get the most out of this lesson: The next time you teach a Bible lesson, share with the kids the reason why you do: The Bible shows us that we all fall short of what God want us to be, and it tells us that Jesus is God's answer to that problem. Do the object lesson, adding your own thoughts and insights.

Two things: This object lesson is good for a wide range of age-levels, and, because it isn't tied to any particular Bible story or topic, there is no downloadable lesson plan this time.

Once you view the video you might wonder if the lesson will work under bright room lights. It should as long as you use fresh batteries. I bought new batteries and shot under powerful studio lights with a dirt cheap flashlight. I had to turn the exposure down!

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