If you are looking for an object lesson that has a clear call to commitment to Jesus Christ, this is it.

In Matthew 21:33-44, the Parable of the Tenants, and especially in verse 44, Jesus’ words require a life-changing, adult-level decision on the part of the hearer: “Do I choose to give up my old life to follow the Lord, or do I ignore and reject Him, risking a crushing judgment that will destroy me?”

A home-made paper microscope prop, a small snack and a big rock are used to understand what Jesus meant when He spoke about a rock that breaks and crushes.

Because this object lesson calls for a mature, adult-level commitment to Christ, we recommended it for High School age kids. However, the object lesson itself and the Activity Page game work fine with just about anyone; you should be able to adjust the call to commitment to suit the age-level.


00:00 A clear call to Christ.
00:21 The downloadable PDF lesson plan.
00:37 The three props.
00:55 The story of a man and microscope.
02:40 The life-changing challenge.
04:30 The Broken or Crushed game demonstrated.
05:12 Adjusting the age level, and goodbye aloha.


Our purpose is simple--use video to describe fun and profound object lessons that add energy and punch to your Bible teaching. Normally, each object lesson includes a free PDF lesson plan with suggested Scriptures, a Bible story plus a fun game page for the same age-level as the object lesson.

The Object Lesson Channel was launched in December, 2021

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