This object lesson uses plush toys--stuffed animals--and self-clinging bandage tape as an activity that helps little kids remember that Jesus has the power to heal. The kids love this one!

Click the image to watch. Runtime: 1:36

AGE LEVEL: Best for Pre-K age.

POINT: Aimed at little kids, this object lesson is really just a fun activity that helps kids learn and remember that Jesus is special; in this case, Jesus healed people.

BIBLE STORY SUGGESTION: A children’s Bible version of Jesus healing the lame man by the pool (John 5:1-9), Jesus healing the man lowered through the roof (Luke 5:17-26) or the like.

INSTRUCTIONS: After the kids hear the Bible story, they “heal” injured stuffed animals. That is, with your help they wrap the arms and legs of stuffed animals with self-clinging bandage wrap as though the animals had broken or injured bones. At your signal the kids remove the wrappings. The animals are healed! All during this time you remind the kids that Jesus healed hurt people because He is God’s Son from heaven who loves and cares for us.

THE OBJECT LESSON: Idolatry! A Nutty Object Lesson.
Materials needed: Stuffed animals that the kids can wrap with the sort of self-clinging non-adhesive bandage shown here. See the demonstration video for complete details.

ACTIVITY PAGE: Jesus Loves Me Coloring Page
Hand out copies of the coloring page and let the kids scribble away.

EXTRA FUN: Teach the kids to sign “Jesus loves us.” Jesus came from heaven to let us know that He loves us.

Be sure to download the 100% free lesson plan and activity page! Get it HERE.

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