The Kids Ministry Toolbox

Challenges? You bet. Grab real world help right now!

An online resource with tons of practical WISDOM, things we all wish we knew when we started. This is the all-important first of three steps to achieving the ultimate goal of children's ministry: making lifelong disciples.

Start Smart

Build Your BEST Kids Ministry

To help YOU thrive and flourish in your leadership role, we have put all our lessons learned, tips and ideas in a three-part online magazine called KIDS MINISTRY: WISDOM (KM:W for short).

Starting with the first issue, The KIDS MINISTRY Toolbox, each of the three issues focuses on topics of interest to you. Let's look at the list of articles in the first issue, the Toolbox:

  • Article One: Map to Real-Life Kids Ministry
  • Article Two: Let's Brainstorm: What's Our Purpose?
  • Article Three: Our Lord's Treasure Map to Discipleship
  • Article Four: How to Grow Your Kids Ministry
  • Article Five: The Best Sunday School Ideas
  • Article Six: The Best Kids Ministry Tips and Ideas
  • Article Seven: Educational Games for Your Classroom Computer

Well, that's great, but there's more!

Kids Ministry: Wisdom - the Nuts and Bolts helps you decide what priorities to set, how to build a strong set of fundamentals and, in a surprisingly interesting article, how to make your paltry Children's Ministry budget get to where it needs to be (yes yes!).

  • Article One: Your Kids Ministry Targets
  • Article Two: Build Your Vision
  • Article Three: Build Your Team
  • Article Four: Build Your Base
  • Article Five: Budget

Sunday School: Wisdom - Knocking the Rust Off Your Best Tool aims first at making Sunday a day kids really look forward to. We turned around our dead Sunday School; these principles really work. Second, we give you the one tip that made recruiting teachers much more successful for us, and we finish up with a terrific set of actions guaranteed to burn out your existing staff - don't miss that one!

  • Article One: Here's the Plan: The 10-minute Sunday School
  • Article Two: Fun is Your Friend: It's a Sin to Bore Kids with the Bible
  • Article Three: Filling Dead Air: When the Lesson Ends Too Soon
  • Article Four: Don't Recruit: Try this Instead
  • Article Five: Burned Out Teachers: Eight Ways to be a Killjoy

The KM:W Toolbox Series - Fun to read, and full of powerful help!

In 25 years of children's ministry we've made all the mistakes and learned many lessons - and sometimes we got things right! Now we are inviting you to learn the wise steps to successful kids ministry without going though all the bumps and potholes.

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