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To help YOU thrive and flourish in your leadership role, we are putting all our lessons learned, tips, ideas and FREE downloadable Children’s Ministry resources in one ever-expanding FREE online magazine called KIDS MINISTRY: WISDOM (that’s KM:W for short).

Starting with our Sunday School: Wisdom Special Edition and KM:W Volume 2, each issue focuses on a singular topic of interest to you. Most issues are five articles long, with a new article added every two weeks. Each article in KM:W includes a free downloadable resource including Sunday School lessons, activity pages for kids and families, midweek events, games and much more.

Fun to read, and full of powerful help!

In 25 years of kids ministry we've made all the mistakes and learned many lessons--and sometimes we got things right! Now we are inviting you to learn the wise steps to successful kids ministry without going though all the bumps and potholes.

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For You: Wisdom and Resources 

  • Over the weeks and months we’ll give you our best take on subjects like recruiting, making class super fun, what to do when your pastor is mad at you, flourishing on a paltry church budget, the fastest way to get fired and much, much more. All things we wish we knew sooner!
  • KM:W is ever expanding. Articles are added every two weeks. Each article features at least one free downloadable resource, including Bible learning activities such as games and worksheets and several of our unique animated visuals we call Watchables. 
  • KM:W is an online PDF file. That means you can simply read it online (all the resource links work) and, if you like, you can download and print it out.
  • Article topics include Fun in Sunday School, Kids Ministry Budget, Recruiting and the like, all designed to give you practical steps to reach excellence in your ministry.
  • KM:W's first volume was published in April of 2021. Subsequent volumes maintain links to all previous volumes plus links to all resources, for your convenience.
  • When you sign up you will receive the link to KM:W1, the first edition. KM:W1 has the link to KM:W2 and so on. 
  • We are committed to never sending marketing emails or spamming your inbox. KM:W emails arrive every two weeks to link you to the latest update; those are the only emails you'll receive from us. Each email contains only the link to the magazine and a link to CLAMcentral, (plus the usual unsubscribe at the bottom of each email and a link to a Watchable bug fix if needed).
  • Anything we might have for sale will be advertised within KM:W. Like a regular print magazine, you can 'turn the page' to ignore an ad! For example, we do have a book on Amazon aimed at bringing fun Bible learning into homes. We will never email you about that, but it does appear in the magazine. Sound good? (Learn about the Amazon book HERE.)

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