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Want to pour new faces into your kid's ministry? We have run over 100 KIDS PARTY events ourselves and WOW, the kids and their parents come running. KIDS PARTY One-Shot is the free version of our KIDS PARTY Complete three-year Games and Bible Stories program. Complete will be on sale soon, but we want you to download and examine One-Shot first to see if it'll work for you. Read on...

Our free KIDS PARTY One-Shot is a single 90-minute games and Bible story high-energy event for kids.

One-Shot is based on our highly effective and proven KIDS PARTY Complete three-year program, a great way to draw new kids and families into your fellowship. From the kids’ point of view, KIDS PARTY One-Shot is a super fun get together featuring action games, stunts, teams, points and prizes, plus an entertaining dive into the Bible. For you, KIDS PARTY One-Shot provides all the games, instructions, forms, and promotional templates to run a successful event. You’ll have the opportunity to meet and befriend new kids and their parents, a terrific way to extend warm invitations to your worship services and other church events.

KIDS PARTY One-Shot is aimed at kids in third to sixth grades. We recommend that you run with either third to fifth grades or fifth to sixth; third graders are too young to play action games with the more mature sixth graders. 

Maybe Middle Schoolers, too. But we've never tried that. Should work though. 


Turn on the screen, turn down the lights and it’s time for NOISE!

A Unique Resource: The KP Watchables. If your KIDS PARTY venue has a Windows PC or laptop hooked up to a screen large enough for all to see, your kids will have a great time screaming and cheering their teams on with games like Cupside Down and 1,000 Times.

Your teams will be screaming and yelling as they see their animated counterparts scoring big points—or not—in these great games we’ve created especially for KIDS PARTY One-Shot. Hearing the kids go nuts will let you know that all the time and effort you’ve put into KIDS PARTY is so worth it!

KIDS PARTY CODES. As your excited kids start streaming in, some will shout, “What are we gonna do?” Don’t tell them! Make them work for it with this awesome KP Code challenge. Before KIDS PARTY, type in three or four of the main events for the kids to decipher. Fun! There is a special help screen to show you how it all works, but it’s easy.

KIDS PARTY CLOCK. Not a game, just a nice looking KIDS PARTY timepiece to display as you and the kids are doing other things. It is animated—young bananas bounce along the bottom of the screen, all heading for your KIDS PARTY!
The time is based on your computer’s clock, so it's very accurate.

1,000 TIMES! This is a quick way to hand out KP Points to individuals. You draw a name from a hat and that kid gets 1,000 times whatever you spin on the wheel. All the kids will want you to keep drawing names so do four or five before moving to your next activity.

CUPSIDE DOWN! Based on a live-action game, this computer version demonstrates how to play the game and gives kids a chance to cheer their virtual team. You choose how many points to give the winning team. The game times out after 90 seconds. Play best two out of three to distract kids while setting up the next big action game.

BODY SNATCHER. Another cartoon version of a real game. This one shows four teams; if you have less, choose up sides. Unlike the real game of Body Snatcher, this one does determine a winner. You decide how many points to award the winning team.

Click this image to watch a quick look at the KP One-Shot Watchable:

Extra Good News: A huge staff is not required to run KIDS PARTY. We list the needs in detail in the FAQ article on page 18 of the KP One-Shot PDF file.

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