KIDS PARTY is a sophisticated, deep program that pours kids into your fellowship when done right. This video is a whirlwind look at the Leader Guide, Games and Stunts resource and all the other resources that come with your complete KIDS PARTY program.

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CLAMcentral's KIDS PARTY, the full version, gives you all the resources you need to host 36 events. Tons of games, 36 Bible stories and event guides, 36 Biggie Verse posters and all the forms and things you need to go completely bonkers with your kids! KP will be on sale soonish.

Here at KPHQ we average about ten KP events each school year. For us, hosting events for kids in the upper three years of Elementary School works well. That means we run three years of KP, then repeat. 

The KP resources we look at in this video:

  • The Leader Guide. This free download covers the entire KP gamut.
  • Games and Stunts. Team games and challenges for individual volunteers.
  • Party Guides. The Bible stories plus sign-in forms, coaches pages and the like.
  • Wall Games 1 and 2. Posters and pages used for various games.
  • KP Biggie Verses. The key passages for the Bible stories.
  • Promo Posters. It pays to advertise.
  • Music for action games. Pounding beats impossible to ignore!
  • KP Watchables. A real KP plus: Use your flatscreen to really rock KIDS PARTY!
  • KP Clipart. For your website and printed stuffs. 

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