The KIDS PARTY Program Explained

In this video Pastor Dain Spore introduces the full version of our Kids Party Friday night games and Bible story program. The full version of KP is not yet available, but subscribers to our Kids Ministry Wisdom magazine can download the Leader Guide and the Games and Stunts manual. Together, the two free resources allow you to put together great events that draw kids like crazy! Oh, and almost forgot: you can grab a free version of our KP Watchables games computer program that really fires up the crowd.

Here are the main features...

  • Perfect for kids third grade and up.
  • Ninety-minute events with energetic team games, individual challenges and Bible stories.
  • Uses a points system that highly motivates kids and reduces the need for expensive prizes.
  • The KP Leader Guide deals with all aspects of hosting a KIDS PARTY event.
  • The KP Games and Stunts manual has well over 100 team games and challenges.
  • Does not require a large staff of volunteers.
  • The full version gives you ammunition for 36 events, more than enough for three years. After that, you simply repeat with your next crowd of kids.
  • The full version gives you all the forms, posters and clip art we use ourselves.
  • The KP Games and Stunts resource has now been updated to include an icon next to every game that works for social distancing.

"I had a blast at my first KIDS PARTY and made lots of friends. That was also my first time hearing a talk about God."


Now in Youth Ministry

Full Leader Guide and Games Manual. Free!

Our complete KIDS PARTY program will be on sale soon, but good news: you can download the complete Leader Guide and the Games and Stunts manual for free at this moment. Well over one hundred games--some old, some new--all tested at our own Kids Party events. The Leader Guide will show you how to put together your own program. It does refer to resources only available in the full program but you are welcome to DIY your own great events by adding a little elbow grease.

Check these videos to see if KP is right for you:

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