Get your crowd rockin' and screaming! These are Windows PC thingies to show on your KIDS PARTY area's big screen. In this video we look at the free version of the KP Watchable games that are so much a part of what makes KIDS PARTY special. Also, a quick demo of the KP Watchables Biggie Verse video posters.

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KP Watchables are computer games that are controlled by the KIDS PARTY leader. KIDS PARTY teams rack up points when their on-screen teams score big. There are also games that award points to individuals--pull a name out of a hat and watch the fun. The leader presses a key, a game plays, the kids watch and scream. KP Watchables add a ton of fun to your events!

This free version of our main KP Premium Watchables includes a silly KIDS PARTY clock and a super easy way to add coded messages to your video display.

All Watchables are controlled by you the leader using your computer keyboard. No mouse, trackpad or touch screen is needed. Kids never touch your device unless you want them to.

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