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An online source of insights, tips and free downloadable Sunday School activities, posters, games, even super-fun Windows computer games that the teacher operates as teams laugh and learn. Stuff for midweek events, too. All bundled together in an ever-growing easy to read fun magazine we call Kids Ministry: Wisdom, or KM:W for short.

Tom Finley is an author, editor and illustrator with many years experience developing Bible-based resources for youth, children and the adults who serve God by working with kids. Combine this with twenty-plus years as a fulltime Children's Pastor at Kauai Christian Fellowship in Hawaii and you have a ton of experience and resources available to you via KM:W!

The magazine is free, the resources linked inside the magazine are free--there is no catch. We email you every two weeks to link you to the latest KM:W updates and new resources. You'll never receive a marketing email!

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About the author...

Tom Finley's twenty plus years in kids ministry, youth work before that, twenty or so books for youth and their leaders and his decades-long career as a comic strip artist and book illustrator all adds up to...uh, well we're not sure what it adds up to. But we know you'll be blessed by what he's up to now!