KIDS PARTY: Your  Children's Ministry Growth Action Plan.

Hi everybody, Tom here. KIDS PARTY is a downloadable Action Games/Bible Story program that features enough info, ideas, stories and games for thirty-six 90-minute KIDS PARTY events for third graders on up. Thoroughly tested and perfected over a two-decade period, the KIDS PARTY program has been unbelievably successful for us. We've learned what works and what doesn't and put together all the good stuff for you in KIDS PARTY. Super fun action games and stunts, Bible stories, even team games we call Watchables for the flatscreen on your wall. Kids come, kids stay! 

Here's What You'll Download:

The KP Leader Guide. This covers the entire KP gamut.

Games and Stunts. Team games plus funny challenges for individual kids.

Party Guides. The Bible stories plus sign-in forms, coaches pages and the like.

Wall Games 1 and 2. Posters and pages used for various games.

Biggie Verses. The key passages for the Bible stories.

Promo Posters. It pays to advertise.

Music for action games. Pounding beats impossible to ignore!

KP Watchables. A real KP plus: Use your flatscreen to really rock KIDS PARTY!

KP Clip Art. For your website and printed stuffs.

"I hope plenty of ministries pick up your amazing kids program! I know God will do amazing things with what you have created!"

KEALA (parent of two KP alumni)

DAIN and Tom explain KIDS PARTY. Click images to watch:

A Quick Look at the Parts and Pieces

The Leaders Guide, Games and Stunts, 36 Party Planners with Bible Stories, Wall Games 1 and 2, Promotional Posters, KP Clip Art, Biggie Verse Posters, Biggie Verse Watchables, and the incredible KP Watchables 1.

What in the World are KP Watchables?

Imagine games on your flatscreen that get your room full of kids rocking with shouts and laughter. Once you try a Watchable, you and your kids will be hooked. Requires a Windows PC or laptop.

Hundreds of pages that turn you into a Bible/Games event EXPERT!

"I had a blast at my first KIDS PARTY and made lots of friends. That was also my first time hearing a talk about God."

ADIN (key youth group staffer)