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Make Time for God. Is that an object lesson? 

Yep, three of them in fact, each combined with a fun and easy classroom activity to get kids charged up. All three object lessons center on the topic "Make Time for God." That is, what God wants us to do with the time He has given each of us.

First, "Give Me a Minute" challenges everyone in your audience to guesstimate when 60 seconds pass by. The Point: Use the minutes God gives you to accomplish His will. Suggested Scripture: Matthew 25:31-46, Jesus speaking of Judgement Day and reward for good works. 

Then there's "Accuracy Counts." Kids attempt to predict the exact time, down to the second, that class will end. Point: God is in control of time and events; we need to make the most of the time He gives us. Suggested Scriptures: Deuteronomy 18:22 - a prophet needs to be 100% accurate or the message isn’t from God. Also, Ephesians 5:15,16 - making the most of every opportunity. 

Finally, "Time Well Spent" (The Chopstick Challenge) One at a time, several volunteers try to move grapes from one bowl to another using chopsticks in one hand. Point: Put your effort in life toward doing what God wants, and doing them as best as you can. Suggested Scripture: The Parable of the Talents, Matthew 25:14-30. 

Link to the free, no sign up required lesson plan with activity page:

Make Time for God.pdf 

Video Chapters: 

00:00  Countdown to "Make Time for God" object lessons.

00:43  First Object Lesson, use your time to do God's will.

01:33  The free Lesson Plan.

01:54  Second Object Lesson, make the most of the time God gives.

02:41  Third Object Lesson, do your best for God.

02:54  About our free online monthly magazine.

03:03  A funny mistake.

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