Our latest object lesson isn't really an object lesson at all. With the help of our free potato masks (link below), some scissors and tape, you'll be turning potatoes into Bible characters for just about any Bible story. Hand out the prepared potato characters to your younger kids and let them reenact the stories you tell. Lots of fun! 

Click the image to watch. Runtime: 1:34

MATERIALS NEEDED: Potato masks! They come in two versions; color and black and white. That makes it easy to use any printer. Click a link to download:

INSTRUCTIONS: You need one potato person per child. Cut out the Bible character masks and tape them to the potatoes (wrap the tape around the mask and potato like a belt). You can slice off one end of each potato so that they stand. Let the kids use the potatoes to 'retell' your Bible story.

This is a fun activity for kids Preschool to about third grade, maybe once every two or three months.

1. Be sure to pick tame potatoes...

2. These potatoes have been sedated...

3. Usher children out of the room for this part...

4. Afterwards, you have potatoes for a week!

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