Want to explain sin and forgiveness? All you need is a spool of thread and a scissors. 

Rick Bundschuh, Pastor of Kauai Christian Fellowship and author of the noted Soul Surfer series tells one of his favorite object lessons. It’s a great one for kids in Upper Elementary and on up through High School.

Click the image to watch. Runtime: 2:20

POINT: God can free us from sin and bad habits.

MATERIALS NEEDED: A brightly colored spool of thread and scissors.

INSTRUCTIONS: Pastor E.G. Von Trutzschler published this object lesson years ago (see link below). Here are the instructions he wrote:

"Before the session, practice the object lesson a couple of times to determine how many loops of thread it will take to immobilize a person.

"Just before you begin comparing habits to thread, ask for a volunteer to assist you. Loop the thread around his wrists one time and then ask the person to try and break free. He will be able to break the thread easily. Then, loop the thread around the volunteer's wrists two or three times and ask him to try and break free. Even though it will take more effort, the person should be able to break the thread. Thank the person for his help and ask him to be seated.

"Ask for another volunteer to help you. Loop the thread twelve or fifteen times around the volunteer's wrists and then knot it securely. Each time you loop the thread, talk about a bad habit."

Von uses the bad habit of cursing as an example. Each time a person curses or lies or does something similar, another invisible thread is wrapped around their heart until a nearly unbreakable bad habit or sin is formed. The volunteer can struggle to break free, but cannot because of the tight grip the thread now has.

Cut through the thread with scissors. This equates to God's power to cut through the threads of our sins and bad habits.

Be sure to download the 100% free lesson plan and activity page! Get it HERE.

Here's where to find Von's book of 44 object lessons: LINK

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