Our pal Pastor Dain Spore came up with a great object lesson based on the Apostle Paul's comments about 'this body of death' in Romans 7:24,25. Dain performed this visual feast for the eyes during the Sunday church service, but it will be loved by kids in Elementary and above, guaranteed.

Click to view the video

POINT: Dain says, "I always use this illustration to give light to the fact that even though we are saved and we are believers and our inner man loves the Lord and wants to grow in Christ, unfortunately we still carry around this sinful nature."

MATERIALS NEEDED: One rather ghastly mask mounted to a hoody stuffed with newspapers to make a 'body.'

Instructions: Be sure you can wrap and fasten the arms around you like the photo above shows. 

Note: It is said that the Romans executed their most-hated prisoners by tying them to rotting corpses. Over a period of days the liquifying corpse would infect the prisoner with horrible diseases, leading to an excruciating, lingering death. Was this what Paul, a prisoner in Rome, was talking about in Romans 7:24?  

Be sure to download the 100% free lesson plan and activity page! The PDF file points out key verses to use. Get the file HERE. 

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