An Adventure with Eggs!

Well, here's one way to get unruly kids to focus on the lesson! Your class will never be the same. Got a hard-to-manage kid in class? I recommend a hammer and raw eggs. Watch the video before you judge…

Click the image to watch. Runtime: 3:11

POINT: The Apostle Paul took the Good News of Jesus wherever he went. When it came to spreading the Gospel, Paul was a smash hit.

MATERIALS NEEDED: A hammer and enough raw eggs for each kid to have one. You also need to sketch out a simple map of Paul's travels, with several cities he visited marked and labeled. The map should be on poster paper, laid on a table for the kids to surround. You also need cleaning products!

INSTRUCTIONS: Before class, hide the hammer from view but near the table. A box on the floor under the table is fine. The eggs can be in view but out of reach to avoid "accidents" among the kids. When you talk about the spread of the gospel, give each kid an egg. Tell everyone to place an egg on a city Paul visited as he took the Good News of Jesus Christ from town to town. It's OK to have more than one egg near a town. 

Emphasize the spread of the gospel, and as you do so, pull out the hammer and smash an egg! That's the Good News spreading everywhere! Hand the hammer around so the kids can each have a turn "spreading the Gospel."

Be sure to download the 100% free lesson plan and activity page that goes with The Spread of the Gospel! You can download it HERE.

And here is a poster-size map to spread on the table. It's two 11x17-inch pages trimmed and taped together. Download it HERE.

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