Take your class on location

Want your teaching to have impact? Take you kids to a cemetery to teach about Lazarus, or climb up in a tree to talk about Zacchaeus. Or anywhere you like!

Click image to watch. Runtime: 2:23

POINT: This video, Object Lessons On Site, gives two examples of places to take your kids to truly immerse them in your Bible stories. Pastor Rick Bundschuh of Kauai Christian Fellowship gives us the lowdown using the stories of Lazarus (John 11:1+) and Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10). For the former, a trip to the cemetery and the latter up in a tree--great fun for kids!

MATERIALS NEEDED: None. Unless someone falls out of the tree.

INSTRUCTIONS: This one is for those special events where you and the kids are jumping in the church van to go somewhere. Put some thought into what sort of lesson you could give at your destination.

Because this isn't an object lesson, there is no lesson plan this time!

About The Object Lessons Channel: Our purpose is simple--use video to describe fun and profound object lessons that add energy and punch to your Bible teaching. Normally, each object lesson includes a free PDF lesson plan with suggested Scriptures, a Bible story plus a fun game page for the same age-level as the object lesson. This time there is no lesson plan because the video is about where, not what.

Pastor Rick Bundschuh has a book out named On Site. And naturally it's on the same subject as this blog post! Check it out HERE.

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