On Beyond Object Lessons

Yep, we have a YouTube channel called The Object Lesson Channel. Each week we post a new object lesson video, almost all of which have lesson plans and activity pages to download. A great value, yours for free.

But Christ's Love and Majesty Ministries is much more than object lessons! We've got Sunday School stuffs, mid-week Bible/Games events, the Kids Ministry Toolbox online magazine, the unbelievable two-flavored Watchables (super fun Windows computer games--one flavor is educational games for Sunday School teachers to use in class, the other is game show style silliness for our Kids Party program). 

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Each time we release a new object lesson video you'll be notified by email. Each email includes convenient links taking you straight to the video and to the lesson plan and activity page that comes with almost every object lesson. We post a new video each week. Learn more...

The Family Bible Fun 30-week Series. In the confirmation email upon signing up, you'll find a link to our popular home Bible series for families with  children of all ages. This is the free printable PDF file of our Bible Time Adventures book that we sell on Amazon. Gift as many copies as you need for the families in your church, or people you love. Learn more...

The Kids Ministry Toolbox. You can download this elsewhere on our site, but we want to be sure as many people as possible grab a copy. Who's it for? Anyone involved in serving God by working with kids! Learn more...

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