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The Bible is a Mirror object lesson is focused on our motto: "Read the Bible and Do What It Says." A simple hand mirror and a bit of green slime and you're good to go! This object lesson includes a one-hundred percent free downloadable lesson plan and Bible activity sheet. The link is below. 

The Bible is a Mirror is based on James 1:23,24. James, Jesus' brother, made up an object lesson way back then! It involved a mirror. The object lesson aimed right at the problem of people hearing great truths and wisdom from the Bible - words that demand a personal change - people who would ignore what they heard or read; like someone who looks in a mirror, sees a problem but does nothing about it.

Teaching kids to put their faith into action - doing what they are reading - is key to successful discipleship.

Here's the link to the free lesson plan with activity page: LINK


00:00 The Bible is a Mirror object lesson.

00:21 The Problem - Not doing what the Bible says.

00:48 The James passage.

01:08 A mirror and some slime.

01:34 The Lesson Plan and Bible Activity.

ABOUT THE OBJECT LESSON CHANNEL: Our purpose is simple--use video to describe fun and profound object lessons that add energy and punch to your Bible teaching. Normally, each object lesson includes a free PDF lesson plan with suggested Scriptures, a Bible story plus a fun game page for the same age-level as the object lesson. The Object Lesson Channel was launched in December, 2021. 

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