Object lessons are a creative means to approach two common problems in Sunday School: lagging interest and missing the point. We started our Object Lessons channel of fun and creative object lessons with this one from Pastor Rick Bundschuh of Kauai Christian Fellowship.

Click to view video. Runtime: 3:19

POINT: Holding on to a 'favorite' sin leaves you trapped and vulnerable. 

Materials Needed: One dried coconut, wrapped hard candy or shiny glass beads, sturdy chain, power drill with hole saw, knife or screwdriver, hook to attach chain to coconut.

INSTRUCTIONS: Cut the husk off the coconut. Bore a hole about two and a half inches in diameter in one side of the coconut. Allow the meat inside to dry for several days, then chip it out with knife or screwdriver. Good to eat! Attach the chain to the end of the coconut.

LESSON: Rick explains in his video that Christians are trapped by sin when they grasp and hold on to things God doesn't want them to have. These things are not necessarily bad, but Satan temps us by offering them at the wrong time, in the wrong place or for the wrong purposes. 

But we can ask God to set us free! The problem isn't in the strength of the coconut or the tree or the chain, but rather in ourselves. Let go of the bait and wait for God to give us our desires in His time when we will have the freedom to enjoy the good things He gives.

Be sure to download the 100% free lesson plan and activity page that goes with The Monkey Trap! Get it HERE.

A really interesting two-minute silent film showing the trapping of a monkey: https://youtu.be/9jBgo7UipqY

NOTE: The thoughts and many of the words in this article are based upon the writings of Rick's youth pastor, E. G. Von Trutzschler. He was also my youth pastor back in the day. Von wrote "Outrageous Object Lessons" (Gospel Light Publications) which was my honor to illustrate. Forty-four object lessons, still available on Amazon. Highly recommended.

Here's the link: Outrageous Object Lessons.

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