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This object lesson, A Pearl of Great Price, will get your group rockin' with a fun and challenging game!

As people who serve God by working with kids, our main goal is to develop kids who love God and who stick with God their whole lives through. Along the way, one of the most important Bible truths to communicate to kids is the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven.

This object lesson is called the Pearl of Great Price because that's what Jesus called the Kingdom of Heaven, a pearl of highest value.

Here's the link to the free lesson plan with activity page: Pearl of Great Price.pdf

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00:00 Three Key Parts: Game, Scripture, Activity Page
00:23 The Box Game
01:10 The Bible Passage
01:37 The Main Message of the Pearl of Great Price Object Lesson
01:59 The Bible Activity Page


Our purpose is simple--use video to describe fun and profound object lessons that add energy and punch to your Bible teaching. Normally, each object lesson includes a free PDF lesson plan with suggested Scriptures, a Bible story plus a fun game page for the same age-level as the object lesson.

The Object Lesson Channel was launched in December, 2021.

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