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Celebrating our Lord!

With this Object Lesson you'll be teaching that CELEBRATING our Lord is a great way to understand what worship is all about. Your students will learn 24 great reasons why Jesus deserves our praise, worship and celebration. 


By combining the Object Lesson with various optional student activities below, you can create a presentation that lasts anywhere from 5 to 20+ minutes.

Many of our Activity Pages require no pre-class preparation; keep these available in your classroom for those times you need to fill up your Sunday School hour.

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The Lesson Plan

The first page of the Lesson Plan features two versions of the presentation of the object lesson. The longer of the two centers on the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and their refusal to worship before King Nebuchadnezzar's golden statue. 

The instant downloadable lesson plan always begins with instructions for preparing and performing the Object Lesson, followed by a Bible story that works well with the lesson's topic. Of course, there are many stories of worship in the Bible from which to choose. Pick your favorite.

The Object Lesson (described below) bounces off the idea of the foolishness of worshiping a man-made idol, leading to the topic of what true worship is and why the Lord deserves our worship and admiration.

The Student Activity Pages

After presenting the Object Lesson, you have two games that lead to a discussion of important reasons WHY Jesus is deserving of our worship...

Paper Toss. Two or more teams attempt to score the most "Infinity Points" by tossing a crumpled paper ball into 16 cups that contain 16 reasons to celebrate the Lord. 

Variation: Start the game with each cup worth 100 points. When the paper ball lands in a cup, block that cup off (with wide masking tape or however) and make the rest of the cups worth 200 points. As more and more cups are blocked the points go up and up. This could make for a very long game; set a points goal to win.

7 Dot Bingo. Each player receives a copy of the same Bingo playing card, there is only one. To make the cards different, players work individually to mark seven spaces of their choice with a small dot. 

The teacher also has a copy of the page, cut into 24 cards to hold. The teacher randomly draws these cards and players cross off their spaces accordingly. The first player to cross off all seven dots wins the game.

Discuss the reasons why Jesus deserves our worship. You could even have the class vote to decide which reasons are their favorites.

In addition to these to games there are a couple of pages kids will enjoy working on individually...

Another Word for worship is celebration, and that's a key point in this lesson. Super simple and quick to play, but don't ignore this one.

King Nebuchadnezzar praised God. This coloring page works hand-in-hand with the Fiery Furnace Bible story.

The Object Lesson Presentation • Celery and Scissors

The first page of the instant download lesson plan explains it all; here is what it tells you:

Presentation—Short Version: Read or paraphrase Isaiah 44:13-20, which mentions the foolishness of cutting a tree into two pieces, one to burn for warmth and baking, the other to carve into an idol to worship. Now do the Object Lesson, followed by your choice of Activity Pages.

Presentation—Long Version: Read Psalm 115:3-8 first, a passage that makes it abundantly clear that idols are worthless. Next, read or summarize the story of King Nebuchadnezzar testing his officials’ loyalty by demanding they worship his statue. But Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego chose to honor the Lord, no matter the price to pay.

Paraphrase Isaiah 44:13-20, which mentions the foolishness of cutting a tree into two pieces, one to burn for warmth and baking, the other to fall down before to worship. Now do the Object Lesson, followed by your choice of Activity Pages.

Object Lesson: For this you use a stalk of celery to represent a tree. As you cut the celery in two, explain to your audience that one piece represents wood used for warmth and cooking, a smart thing to do—and the other is carved into a false god before which to fall down and worship. Have your listeners suggest reasons why worshiping a log is silly—as silly as worshiping a chunk of celery!

Activity Pages: Choose any or all of the Activity Pages to talk about celebrating our Lord and many of the reasons to do so.

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