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"The Next Generation Needs You."

Do you serve God by working with kids? Awesome! 

Aloha! Tom Finley here. Together with my ministry partner Pastor Dain Spore, we're posting our favorite insights, ideas and creative resources to help you enjoy your BEST Children's Ministry, a ministry that will grow your church and launch lifelong disciples: results that count for eternity.

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I came to the classrooms just kind of knocked out with what was happening....What's happening here is just a joy to see and it's fun, it's creative, it's new and I want you to check it out.


Emeritus Director of NWMinCon and retired Senior Consultant, David C Cook

PASTOR DAIN SPORE of Kauai Christian Fellowship tells the impact YOU can have in the life of kids. He knows, because his two kids grew up through our KIDS PARTY and CLAMbake Sunday School programs.

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