Design Your Best Children's Ministry
with these 3 Key Steps.

Hey, it's Tom! I'm here to help you get a firm handle on building an amazing Children's Ministry that draws families in and graduates lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ. Are you ready to be introduced to a unique and proven path to numerical growth and spiritual impact?

Tom Finley

Our 3-Steps to Lifelong Discipleship program (everything you see on this page) is currently in the public beta stage, the final stage before widespread release. This beta version is FREE, it's completely useable, and you are welcome to grab it and keep it forever with no obligation.

ONE: The Kids Ministry Toolbox

Practical wisdom for leveling up your ministry. This downloadable series of articles touches upon many key aspects of kids ministry -- everything from teacher training, overcoming a cheesy budget, the targets you need to aim for, dumb moves to avoid and much more.


Draw new kids and families like magnets with super fun Games/Bible events that work great on Friday nights. These once or twice a month Parties (three years worth), aimed at third to fifth grades, also work well for Middle Schoolers.

THREE: The CLAMbake Sunday School Super Program

A two-year Sunday School course of 100+ classic Bible stories starting in Genesis and ending in Revelation. Comes in four age-levels: Preschool and three levels of Elementary. 

Everything is currently FREE and I offer nothing else to buy. When you sign up below you'll unlock a page with all the download links. You'll be informed of updates and resources as they happen.

After 25 years as a Children's Pastor, and more years before as a youth worker, author and managing editor at a major Sunday School publisher, it's time for me to pass on to you the lessons I've learned on the front lines and the VERY LARGE stack of resources I've created over the years. I'm havin' fun!

What's happening here is just a joy to see. It's fun, it's creative, it's new and I want you to check it out.


Emeritus Director of NWMinCon, Senior Consultant David C Cook

If it wasn't for Tom I wouldn't be where I am today. And I really love the work that he's done, I've seen what he's done over the years. I highly recommend anyone to take advantage of the service that he's prepared to offer.


Founder and Senior Scholar, Reasons to Believe

Tom is one of the most creative people I know. One of my friends once said, "The essence of creativity is the ability to copy." You get to not only copy but you get to use this incredible stuff wherever you're doing ministry.


President, HomeWord

We've added several free resources to the Toolbox: A nine-week Sunday School course called The Adventures of Daniel; sixteen object lessons that use only the phone you have with you; and a one-event version of the KIDS PARTY program.

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What's Your Theology?

The ABOUT page gives the details. In short, we ascribe to the Nicene Creed and believe wholly in the inerrant Bible. Jesus is God's Son and is God the Son. Salvation is found only in Jesus. 

How Long to see changed lives?

You'll see three changes in you ministry right away, assuming you need improvement in these areas: Kids love our KIDS PARTY program (Step 2), so that will have a big impact on the numbers; CLAMbake (Step 3) is very fun for students, so that will brighten up your classes; CLAMbake is fun to teach, so you'll be getting compliments from your teachers. A much longer time is required to watch kids graduate out, grow up and stick with Jesus as we know many will. It's a HUGE blessing to see! 

What about kids just visiting for a week or two?

Good call. You have understood that this is primarily a long-term program of discipleship. However, each CLAMbake Sunday School lesson -- and each KIDS PARTY event for that matter -- is designed to stand alone perfectly. One-time visitors learn, have fun and leave smiling. 

Is 3-Step a finished project?

Nope! The Kids Ministry Toolbox series (Step 1) has room to grow, and CLAMbake (Step 3) is being revised constantly. 

What inspired you to make this free?

I want to run a ministry, not a business. I've patterned the money bit after the way churches do it; I've never seen one that sells tickets to get in. I've also never heard of a church with solid, godly leadership folding from lack of funds. Most churches struggle with budget problems, but they don't fail. I expect the same will be true for me.

Wait - Are You The Object Lessons Channel Guys?

Yes! We dig object lessons. Here is the link to our YouTube channel:

What Else Should I Know?

You need to know that any true discipleship takes years. And that means that you need to commit to a years-long ministry if you wish to succeed. Our prayer is that you have a good long 'run' at serving God by working with kids!

About Us

TOM FINLEY was the Children's Pastor at Kauai Christian Fellowship for 25 years, retiring to establish Christ's Love And Majesty Ministries (the CLAM in CLAMcentral). He is a Zondervan author of books for kids and their leaders, and served as the Managing Editor of the Youth Department at Gospel Light Publications.

DAIN SPORE is Pastor of Kauai Christian Fellowship and ministry partner here at Christ's Love and Majesty Ministries. Dain is a world traveling surfer (40 countries!) with a large interest in the Holy Land, Paul's travels and the like.