The BEST way to GROW your Children's Ministry: 

The Incredible


Hey,  Pastor Dain here. My church, Kauai Christian Fellowship, has enjoyed sustained growth in kids and families for more than 20 years with this super fun program called KIDS PARTY. Right now you can download the most important parts of the KIDS PARTY program for FREE: The Leader Guide, the Games and Stunts resource and more.  The entire program will be available soon. Scroll down to learn all about the program and how it will work for you. I think you will be amazed and impressed! 

But first, a word about the Covid Lockdown...

As you learn about KIDS PARTY (and future projects), you'll see a robust ministry that your kids will love. But wait a minute, the world is in lockdown

By downloading the free resources now, you'll be prepared to jump right ahead when the lockdown in your community ends. This actually happened to us on our island. When the lockdown was opened up for awhile, the first beach party our youth group did went from the usual 50 people to 150! Three times the normal! This can happen to you too, so be prepared.

Everything You Want to Know about the World's Greatest Midweek Children's Ministry Games and Bible Program:

Want to download the free KIDS PARTY resources RIGHT NOW?

Click the cartoon to get a fast run-through of the articles and pages in the KP Leader Guide. The KIDS PARTY program solves a lot of challenges facing your need to grow your group, but will it work for you? The video helps you decide. FREE.

We quickly flip through nearly 50 pages filled with more than 140 games kids love to play. Team games, draw names from a hat games, crazy stuff that get the kids laughing and shouting. Every game has been tested in our own Kids Parties. FREE.

Download our dynamic animated activities for your Windows computer and big screen. These games are NOT played by the kids. Instead, teams watch as the KIDS PARTY points roll up amid cheers and groans. Very fun and totally unique. FREE.

We have some free cartoon clip art for your computer, and we show you how to use it along with a really neat and free online app called Sketchpad (works on PC, Mac and Linux). FREE.

When you're ready to take a giant step upward in your ministry...

KIDS PARTY: Your  Children's Ministry Growth Action Plan.

Hi everybody, Tom here. COMING SOON: The full KIDS PARTY downloadable Games/Bible Story program that features enough info, ideas, stories, games, music and more for 36 ninety minute KIDS PARTY events for third graders on up. Thoroughly tested and perfected over a two-decade period, the KIDS PARTY program has been unbelievably successful for us. We've learned what works and what doesn't and put together all the good stuff for you in KIDS PARTY. Super fun action games and stunts, Bible stories, even team games we call Watchables for the flatscreen on your wall. Kids come, kids stay! 

Here's What You'll Soon be Able to Download:

The KP Leader Guide. This covers the entire KP gamut. SEE ABOVE for the free stuff.

Games and Stunts. More than 140 team games plus challenges for individual volunteers.

36 Party Guides. The Bible stories plus sign-in forms, coaches pages and the like.

Wall Games 1 and 2. Posters and pages used for various games.

Biggie Verses. The key passages for the Bible stories. Comes as posters and Watchables.

Promo Posters. It pays to advertise.

Music for action games. Pounding beats impossible to ignore, if only you could!

KP Watchables. A real KP plus: Use your flatscreen to really rock KIDS PARTY!

KP Clipart. More of our fun cartoon art for your website and printed stuffs.

We Love Helpful Videos (a growing list):

(Click the images to watch)

Essential tips, ideas and steps to take as you plan your first KIDS PARTY event. From A to Z: Building your staff, planning the event, attracting the kids, telling the Bible story - all the way to the final follow up. Put in the effort and reap the rewards! 

KIDS PARTY began in the 1990's. We've run about 175 game events for kids in middle and upper elementary. We know what games the kids love! Games that draw them to your events, get them screaming and laughing and going kid crazy. Learn which game is the Number One favorite.

Not all KP games are big, loud team games. For a change of pace, draw names from a hat and have players try these silly games for individuals. If you downloaded the Leader Guide you know how much kids want to earn points for their teams. These games are a great way to give away points.

Call 'em what you will - handouts, mailers, mini-posters, web art - we show you how to use clip art to make great printed stuff (or emails and website art). It's a terrific skill for a Children's Minister to have and we make it simple! Sketchpad is a nice online free app for any computer.

Want to join with us as we continue to post important new Children's Ministry resources? Sign up to stay up to date! You'll be among the first to know when we release our full KIDS PARTY program, Sunday School stuffs, new videos and more. Scroll down to see what we have in mind. . . 

"I had a blast at my first KIDS PARTY and made lots of friends. That was also my first time hearing a talk about God."

ADIN (key youth group staffer)

Now It's Time to DISCIPLE Them!

KIDS PARTY, when done right, will bring new kids and families into your fellowship. That's great, but we all know that's not the final goal. It's our job to DISCIPLE them. That's where our two-year CLAMbake Sunday School/Discipleship course comes in!

CLAMbake? COMING SOONish... 

CLAMbake is a kids-level discipleship course disguised as a fun, Jesus-centered two-year Sunday School program. We've invested years in developing CLAMbake, long enough to see an extraordinary percentage of graduates grow to be strong men and women of faith. Many are serving Christ as pastors, missionaries and youth workers. This success is fully reproducible in any church and does not require specially skilled teachers. As with KIDS PARTY, our CLAMbake Sunday School lessons are overkill: TONS of great activities to grab the kids, even comic books and educational computer games. Fun to teach and focused on our Lord. More details forthcoming.

COMING even SOONERish... 

We'll be posting a special nine-week Sunday School course called The Adventures of Daniel. It's a free download so that you can get a good taste of what CLAMbake is all about. Four age-levels: Pre-K, Early Elementary, Middle Elementary and Upper Elementary. That's 36 lessons, all free for you to enjoy. Includes helpful how-to videos for the teachers.

Here's Something REALLY Cool: MENTOR VIDS!

Now that we've invested in all this expensive camera gear and things to make our KP videos, we want to keep going! We will post an ongoing series of what we call our Mentor Videos. These are free to watch videos that touch on many areas of Children's Ministry; we think you'll find them very helpful as you navigate the ups and downs, ins and outs of this crazy thing called Church Work. Topics include recruiting volunteers, what to do when your main pastor isn't stoked with you, squeezing the most out of your paltry ministry budget, the Major and Minor Principle, more.

You'll want to know more about all this, so. . .

Sign Up to Keep Up

When you click on the sign up button you'll be joining with people who have worked with kids in church, in school, as children's pastors, as youth pastors, published authors of books for kids and for people who work with kids—people who have much wisdom and experience to share with you as you fulfill your part in the Great Commission by working with the next generation. And of course we'll send you links to our Mentor Videos as we post them, as well as the links to our free CLAMbake Sunday School series on the Adventures of Daniel when that's ready to go, and other stuffs as they happen. See you in Email Land!


Why are you promoting KIDS PARTY during lockdown?

Yep, we know: Nobody in the whole world is running any kind of KIDS PARTY-style events! We are launching anyway for a couple of reasons. One, we want you to download and save these resources so that when the lockdown in your community ends you will be able to jump in immediately with a great program that will grab all those fun-starved kids. That's actually a golden opportunity for you. Also, by launching now we have the luxury of time, time to learn all the ends and outs of building a booming online Christian publishing ministry. We've been putting together this site for a couple of years--if it takes a couple more to get people interested, that's OK!

Will the Leader Guide and the rest always be free?

We will always have a free set of KIDS PARTY resources. However, the set will evolve as time goes by. When we launch the paid version of KIDS PARTY we intend to replace the things you see now with a set of resources we call KIDS PARTY One-Shot. The KP One-Shot will feature everything you need to run one KIDS PARTY event. An example of the difference is the KP points system. KP points are essential for multi-event KIDS PARTIES, but not so much for a one-time event. Permanent teams won't need to be formed, special Watchables games will be developed, the Bible story will be different and so forth. This new offering will be easier to grasp for anyone not used to running high-energy game events.

Will Watchables be available for Mac?

We hope so! We think the Watchables are a huge plus-factor in KIDS PARTY. And we have many more Watchables--educational ones--for our up-coming CLAMbake Sunday School/Discipleship program; we would love to have them all available for Mac users! But we need to purchase a Mac computer and learn a few things first, so we are waiting to see if there is a lot of interest before we dive into all that. Answer hazy.

When will you launch the CLAMbake program?

Before we launch CLAMbake, we need to get a few things done first. Now that we've launched the free version of KIDS PARTY, the next release will be a free 9-week Sunday School course called The Adventures of Daniel. We are working now on the videos that come with the lessons (tips for the Sunday School teachers). Once that's posted, we will then decide what software we want to purchase so that we can open a bit of a store to sell our main resources. The first thing for sale will be the full KIDS PARTY program. That will be a one-time purchase and will not be expensive. Then we'll post the CLAMbake stuff, which will have to be a monthly subscription thing for the time being to allow us to release as soon as possible. Should be first quarter 2021.

What's unique about CLAMbake?

Wait till you hear! We've been using CLAMbake for many years now, long enough to see kids grow to become adults. We have a very high percentage of children making life-long commitments to follow Christ. It's because of a single secret. That secret is simple:

When you purchase CLAMbake, you receive a course that goes through the Bible in two years. The course is written for four age-levels: Pre-K, Early Elementary, Middle Elementary and Upper Elementary. With very few exceptions, the Bible story and the main theme of each Sunday's lessons are the same across all four age-levels. Here's where the difference comes in: After you teach the two-year course, you teach it again. And again. Forever! That means a kid that starts in Preschool goes through the lessons four times before graduating out of your Children's Ministry, each time getting a more mature look at the great wisdom and truths in God's Word. It looks just like Sunday School, but it's really a discipleship program that works big time!

You may be thinking, "Wait, does that mean I only pay once and I'm set for life?" Yep. And yes, we are aware it's a terrible business plan, but our true interest is to simply provide the tools needed to help you do your part of the Lord's Great Commission. However, at this point we'd appreciate it if you'd look at the Buy Me A Coffee FAQ.

What is that "Buy Tom and Dain a Coffee" button?

The Buy Me A Coffee program is rapidly gaining popularity with Internet content providers. It is the easiest way for a supporter to send a tip to people like us. A "coffee" costs $3. You choose to buy us one or more. We pay Buy Me A Coffee only 15 cents, we pay your card charges (so you pay an even $3 per coffee) and we pay PayPal who oversees the transaction details. We end up with about $2.40 per coffee. Cool! Click the Buy Tom and Dain a Coffee button above to see how easy it is; you don't open an account or anything. Thanks!


Will you have a refund policy?

Of course! Full refund any time within thirty days, no questions asked. Dain and Tom...Why do you call your site CLAMcentral, anyway?

The CLAM in CLAMcentral stands for Christ's Love And Majesty. His Love is everything He says and does, and His Majesty is Who He is: The Son of God. With Christ's Love And Majesty as our guiding principle we have developed an outstanding Sunday School/Discipleship program for kids in Preschool to Upper Elementary. We call it CLAMbake, of course! Sign up for KIDS PARTY; we'll email you when CLAMbake is done to a T. Click this ABOUT link to learn more about us.