Hello, Kids Ministry Hero!

Do you serve God by working with kids? Awesome! 

You have a deep connection with kids, drawing them and their families into your church fellowship to raise them up in the Lord.

But you'd love to GROW those numbers faster and DISCIPLE those kids more successfully!

TOM and DAIN at your service. We’re all about equipping you with the wisdom, knowledge, tips and resources to take your ministry to the next level so that you can achieve more success and less spinning your wheels!

Aloha! Tom Finley here. The one on the left. Together with my ministry partner Pastor Dain Spore, we're posting our favorite insights, ideas and creative resources to help you enjoy your BEST Children's Ministry, a ministry that will grow your church and launch lifelong disciples: results that count for eternity.

Three Resources that Bring It All Together:

Midweek: The KIDS PARTY Program


KIDS PARTY is a downloadable Games/Bible Story program that features enough info, ideas, stories and games for thirty-six 90-minute KIDS PARTY events for third graders on up. Thoroughly tested and perfected over a two-decade period, the KIDS PARTY program has been unbelievably successful for us. We've learned what works and what doesn't and put together all the good stuff for you in KIDS PARTY. Super fun team games and challenges, Bible stories, even crazy games we call Watchables for the flatscreen on your wall. Kids come, kids stay! And it's also a great source of ideas for your own existing events. Learn more...

Sunday Morning: CLAMbake

DISCIPLE THEM with Sunday Morning CLAMbake! 

It's a two-year through the Bible course featuring over 400 Sunday School lessons (more than 100 Sundays times four age-levels). It's designed to be repeated every two years as kids grow up, leading to a super-solid understanding of who Jesus is and a lifelong commitment to Him. This is why we call CLAMbake a DISCIPLESHIP course as well as Sunday School curriculum. Also, whatever a lesson's Bible story may be, Jesus is the ultimate focus. The four age-levels covered are Preschool, Early, Middle and Upper Elementary. Learn more...

CLAMbake Curriculum

The next step after KIDS PARTY is Sunday Morning CLAMbake! 

It's a two-year through the Bible course featuring over 400 Sunday School lessons (more than 100 Sundays times four age-levels). It's designed to be repeated every two years as kids grow up, leading to a super-solid understanding of who Jesus is and a lifelong commitment to Him. This is why we call CLAMbake a DISCIPLESHIP course as well as Sunday School curriculum. Also, whatever a lesson's Bible story may be, Jesus is the ultimate focus. The four age-levels covered are Preschool, Early, Middle and Upper Elementary. Learn more...

And for You: The Toolbox

A Kids Ministry Tips and Wisdom Series

In 25 years of children's ministry we've made all the mistakes and learned many lessons - and sometimes we got things right! Now we are inviting you to learn the wise steps to successful kids ministry without going though all the bumps and potholes. Three online magazines with articles covering everything from numerical growth secrets, defining and understanding discipleship, even how to make your pastor mad at you! Believe it or not, the article on your paltry budget is a great read! Learn more...

Wait a minute. You mean that's it?

Yep. These Three Resources Fit Together Perfectly to Build a Wise Ministry that Brings Kids In and Trains Them Up. 

Might sound too simple, but after two-plus decades 'in the wild' the proof is in: the high percentage of young men and women now serving God in marvelous ways. Pastors, Missionaries, Worship Leaders, Youth Workers, Sunday School Teachers, Various Volunteers, and perhaps most important of all, godly Dads and Moms. All from our one church!

In the world we live in now, it can and must be our priority to seek out kids, introduce them to Christ and bring them to a life-changing commitment to our Lord. 

Curious about the price? Scroll down to the FAQ section for the good news!

I came to the classrooms just kind of knocked out with what was happening....What's happening here is just a joy to see and it's fun, it's creative, it's new and I want you to check it out.


Emeritus Director of NWMinCon and retired Senior Consultant, David C Cook

One of the main things I love about this curriculum is that it takes you through the Bible every two years. I am coming as a parent but also as a teacher, a Sunday School teacher. It was awesome to be able to see the kids grow not only in their faith but just in their Bible knowledge. And then you do it again: two years later the kids are a little bit older and you go a little bit deeper. It's just an awesome way for them to have a great foundation of Bible.


Elementary School Teacher

PASTOR DAIN SPORE of Kauai Christian Fellowship tells the impact YOU can have in the life of kids. He knows, because his two kids grew up through our KIDS PARTY and CLAMbake Sunday School programs.

Click the image to watch. 

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How Much Does It Cost???

We are a ministry and, kinda like a church, we offer a pay-whatever-you-like pricing model. We might add a few small things for sale, but the KIDS PARTY Program and the CLAMbake Sunday School/Discipleship course (soon available) will be pay zero on up, your choice. We are experimenting with this and will keep it going until January 1st, 2023. At that time we will reevaluate. Hopefully we'll be able to keep it this way! Our passion is to get top notch resources into the hands of churches struggling with small budgets (as we ourselves did years ago). Go to the Sales Page...

What's Your Theology?

The ABOUT page gives the details. In short, we ascribe to the Nicene Creed and believe wholly in the inerrant Bible. Jesus is God's Son and is God the Son. Salvation is found only in Jesus. 

If KIDS PARTY is for Elementary or Middle School ages, how does that grow all ages?

In the early days of KIDS PARTY, we discovered that appealing to kids in third to fifth grade brought into our church not just kids that age but their younger and older siblings and of course their parents. It really was a big win for us. You'll want to have a greeter to welcome parents as they drop off and pick up at KIDS PARTY.

What about kids just visiting for a week or two?

Good call. You have understood that this is primarily a long-term program of discipleship. However, each CLAMbake Sunday School lesson -- and each KIDS PARTY event for that matter -- is designed to stand alone perfectly. One-time visitors learn, have fun and leave smiling. 

How Often for the KIDS PARTY Events?

At our own KIDS PARTIES, we hold about 12 parties during the school year, taking December off. Two a month would be great, but competition from school events have made us average about one event every three weeks. We highly recommend Friday nights, 7:00-8:30. Every year KP starts right after the school year begins and finishes about six to eight weeks before the school year ends (because of school plays, graduation rehearsals and other special year-end events). By the way, once a month would work OK if that's all you can manage, but the more you do, the more kids you'll keep. KIDS PARTY is designed to be light on the budget for that reason.

How Long to see changed lives?

You'll see three changes in you ministry right away, assuming you need improvement in these areas: Kids love KIDS PARTY, so that will have a big impact on the numbers; CLAMbake is very fun for students, so that will brighten up your classes; CLAMbake is fun to teach, so you'll be getting compliments from your teachers. A much longer time is required to watch kids graduate out, grow up and stick with Jesus as we know many will. It's a HUGE blessing to see! 

Wait - Are You The Object Lessons Channel Guys?

Yes! We dig object lessons. Here is the link to our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/TheObjectLessonsChannel

What Else Should I Know?

You need to know that any true discipleship takes years. And that means that you need to commit to a years-long ministry if you wish to succeed. Our prayer is that you have a good long 'run' at serving God by working with kids!

More Ways We Can Help

"Watchables" -- Windows Computer Games

the Teacher/Leader controls these super fun games. Kids LOVE 'em! No, we don't believe kids should be playing games on their tablets or phones in class, eek! Watchables are a whole different animal. In Sunday School, the kids assemble into two teams to play a game only you control. Teams must answer questions based on your lesson in order to take a turn at the game. It works super well and really pumps up the attention and retention. 

And at your KIDS PARTY-style events teams earn points as their team avatars roll up the score on wild action games. Learn more...

Snodgrass Comics

A super fun take-home paper that comes with the Middle and Upper Elementary CLAMbake lessons and the Adventures of Daniel course. Herschel C. Snodgrass and friends always manage to survive the trouble they get into as they bounce through time to the scene of classic Bible stories. Includes fun Bible learning activities to use in class or a home. Learn more...

Christ's Love And Majesty Monthly.

A free online magazine for anyone teaching the CLAMbake lessons, or not. Each monthly issue covers four Bible topics based on CLAMbake, but yeah, it also stands alone as an adult devotional, if you will. Comes with CLAMbake or sign up separately. Learn more...

Fun Object Lessons.

Every week we post a new object lesson demonstration video on our YouTube channel we call The Object Lessons Channel. And almost all of them come with free lesson plans! Check 'em out...

Bible Time Adventures - For Families at Home.

Thirty Bible tales for the family, with fun activity pages for the kids. Does not require Bible knowledge; Dad and Mom will find everything they need to make the classic Bible stories come alive. This is a book by Tom sold on Amazon. Makes a great gift!  Take a look...

About Us

DAIN SPORE is pastor of Kauai Christian Fellowship on the island of Kauai. He raised his two kids under the KIDS PARTY and CLAMbake programs, and both his son and daughter are serving the Lord in key ministries. 

TOM FINLEY was the Children's Pastor at Kauai Christian Fellowship for 25 years, retiring to establish Christ's Love And Majesty Ministries (the CLAM in CLAMcentral). He is author of books for kids and their leaders, and served as the Managing Editor of the Youth Department at Gospel Light Publications.

Thirty Bible lessons and fun activities for families at home! A book by Tom Finley. Available now at Amazon. Great reviews. Click HERE for more info.