Windows computer educational games and more!

OK, gang. What you are about to see is the real deal! A gen-YOO-whine phenomenal way to get kids laughing and learning in Sunday School and other events! 


  • Lightweight, super easy to operate Windows computer games to show on a classroom laptop or wall screen.
  • The kids always play as a group together with the teacher, ensuring full involvement of everyone. 
  • Most games can be learned by the teacher in less than a minute; some require no time at all. Launch and play within seconds even by teachers that have never experienced a Watchable.
  • No game playing skills are required by the teacher or the students. The games are played by the computer. The teacher uses the keyboard to step a game forward as needed.
  • With a bluetooth keyboard, the teacher can control the game from anywhere in the room. All instructions for the teacher (such as which keys to press) are always on screen. 
  • No mouse is needed.
  • Download and installation is simple and quick.

NOTE: All Watchables shown below are free to download. The link to download the set is in the email you receive when you sign up to join us. If you haven't yet done that, the sign up button is at the end of this page. Download and install instructions are available HERE.

WATCHABLES come in Three Basic Categories:

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for Sunday School


for Kids Party-style events


serve a variety of needs

Educational Games

Watchables provide a major shot of energy in your Sunday School classes and for your camps, VBS and Kids Party-style events. It happens every time: Kids get involved, they laugh and they learn. It's really something to see!

The first two Watchables below come with The Adventures of Daniel course. The link to Daniel is in the email you receive when you sign up to join us. The rest are included with some of the object lessons at our Object Lessons Channel HERE. They too are in the sign-up email.

Watchable Educational Games for Sunday School. Here's how most of the games work: Kids form two teams, the teams take turns answering Bible review questions, correct answers earn a turn on the game. This way the kids can play Bible versions of Jeopardy, Connect 4, Concentration and the like. We've seen classes transformed by Watchables!

Biggie Verses. What's a Biggie Verse? It's the key verse of each and every Sunday School lesson we will ever publish, except Preschool. All of the Biggies come in poster form to print, but the Watchables versions feature a fun little game to help the kids remember the verses. And you don't need to print the posters!

At the Races. This Watchable isn't educational but it is suggested as a fun wrap-up activity for those who use the object lesson titled Jesus in the Driver's Seat.

Spinning Through My Life. Best for Upper Elementary through High School ages, this Watchable encourages the kids to talk about ways a person’s faith in Jesus would impact the sadness, happiness, anger, love and fear represented by the five emojiis.

The Lord's Prayer Race. Our most UNUSUAL Watchable ever! The kids form two teams, the Silver and the Purple. As the team cars race around and around the track, they hit cartoon dialog balloons with phrases from the Lord's Prayer. First car to hit them all wins the game. Nice sound effects with this one! This one helps cement the Lord's Prayer into kids' memories.

The Map to Life. This is a great way to lead a discussion on the Lord's Prayer. All the teacher has to do is press ENTER to bring up, one at a time, a phrase from the greatest prayer ever told along with a discussion thought. The buildings represent key truths from the prayer. There's even a potato involved!

The Lord's Prayer Clock. A digital clock that scrolls the Lord's Prayer as it keeps time. Now kids have a GOOD reason to stare at the clock!

The above educational WATCHABLES are just a few of the many that we will release with our upcoming CLAMbake Sunday School curriculum.

Points-Earning Games

And by that we mean KIDS PARTY-style games.

We have two KIDS PARTY programs to offer: KP Free and, coming up, KP Complete. Each has its own unique set of wild games designed to get kids and teams earning the all-important KP Points as fast as possible! Running a KIDS PARTY event on a Friday Night is a blast - you can turn down the lights, fire up the screen, start a game and COVER YOUR EARS because the mob starts screaming and jumping! A veritable Eighth Wonder of the World!

Click the image to watch the video. Runtime: 1:33.

Shown above is the starting screen for the KP Free Watachable games. There are four games, one animated clock to show before, after and between games, and one introductory screen. The KP Complete Watchable games are awesome to play...we'll show them off when we release KP Complete in the near future.

Useful Tools of the Trade

We very much enjoy coding these games, so we're always looking for an excuse. Here are some of what we call Do-Dad Watchables. In the email you receive when you sign up will be a link that downloads all three together.

Heads Up. Want to give your kids a heads up when they enter the room? The screen shows whatever is on your computer’s clipboard! Wish we could make it work for photos, but it’s text only. However, you can make the text larger or smaller to best fit the screen.

Fundraiser. Type in a message and set your goal. Each time more money comes in, the mercury rises and the thermometer’s smile grows. The game’s state is automatically saved.

Attendance. Not really a contest between kids, this one simply sets a goal for the number of kids you’d like to reach. To encourage your students to bring friends promise a great event of some sort once the goal is reached. When the game reaches the goal you’ve set, it explodes in a burst of fire! (Well, an animated burst that is.) All numbers are automatically saved.

Why Watchables are Better than Videos

Videos are good; Watchables are better: Kids play as teams, answering questions and earning team points. Minds don’t wander.

Videos are good; Watchables are better: Teachers remain engaged with the kids at all times.

Videos are good; Watchables are better: Many Watchable games can be played over and over, different each time.

Videos are good; Watchables are better: Kids laugh, cheer and learn. Watchables are unique; no one has seen anything like them.

Videos are good; Watchables are better: Teachers control the games and the pacing. Controls are simple, instructions are on the game screen.

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