Our Privacy Policy

The Lowdown

We all know that as soon as we log onto the Internet, we are being tracked. The sites we visit, the ads we click and who knows what else is all collected and archived by Google, Facebook and the like. 

Here at CLAMcentral, we do our best to keep that at bay. Below are the third party software companies we use and quick summaries of what data they attempt to mine. We have done our best to choose quality companies that respect your rights.

WPX Hosting. WPX does not report analytics to us. WPX is a managed website provider, far superior to the massively shared servers of cheaper providers. They have very good malware and denial of service attack protection, so any hacking danger to us or to you is highly unlikely.

DEACTIVATED: ThriveCart. ThriveCart is our sales portal. It provides a general report that offers statistics such as which resources are creating what percentage of sales, which countries have the most customers and things like that. It never reports any personal info to us other than what you report (Your name, email address and what you purchased). They handle your financial info; that is never reported to us. In other words, someone can't steal our hard drives and learn your credit information, because it's not on our drives.

ActiveCampaign. This company handles our email load. The info they provide us includes your name and email address, of course. They provide reports that show us who has responded to any of our emails and the like. ActiveCampaign never throws ads your way or solicits any information from you.

PayPal and the like. Whatever method you use to pay, your name, email and the details of your purchase are of course reported to us. Your financial details are never reported to us.

WordPress. CLAMcentral is a WordPress site. We do not reference any data from them.

Thrive Themes. Our web page builder. No info is collected.

What We Do with Your Email

We keep it private. We don't sell or distribute your info to anyone, and never will. 

Fraudulent Emails.  We NEVER send emails asking for account information or the like. We NEVER ask you to reset your password. If you suspect an email addressed from us is a hoax, the easy way to find out without opening the email (try to never do so) is to hover your mouse over the sender's name for a second. If the pop up address isn't something straightforward such as "tom@clamcentral.com" or the like, it's a scam.  

Marketing to You

It is illegal in many places to send unsolicited marketing emails. This is why, when you purchase from a legitimate company, the confirmation email you receive will often ask if you wish to receive a newsletter, info on special offers and the like. If you check yes on any of those, you have opted into receiving marketing emails. We follow this policy.