Terms of Use

Individual Congregations

Once you purchase (or download for free) a CLAMcentral resource, you are permitted to use it as you see fit in your Children's Ministry, for as long as you like. Do not distribute the resource to any other congregation. You must not gift or sell copies of your resource. Instead, please direct interested churches to our website, CLAMcentral.com. 

You may modify your resource as much as you like but, again, you cannot distribute it as described above.

Multiple Congregations

Denominations or churches with multiple campuses must purchase separate resources for each congregation.


We have priced our ministry resources as frugally as we can (namely, free and pay-what-you-like).  

Thirty-Day Money Back Guarantee

When and if we do charge for a resource, you can receive a no-questions-asked refund within 30 days of the date that you placed your order. We encourage you to download and try out the free versions, when they exist, of our various resources before you purchase. After a refund, you must delete all instances of the purchased resources including hard copy.